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Old Forum Notes - Munzy - 09-27-2019

Hello Hello!

So back when I started G-S.N I had a vanilla forums sitting at Eventually as time went along, the site needed a up lift and so I rebuilt the forums from scratch. This was because at the time there was no way to export and then import the forum into a new system. As such... the archive of the forum sat around collecting dust.

Now, over the past week I discovered an importer for our old forum! Yeah, great news... except I forgot I had the old forums still archived. Until I mysteriously trampled over it!

Anyways, the import didn't go as perfectly as I wanted. Some posts lost their owners, and as such... they just appeared as "guest". To help resolve the problems associated with this I have imported all the "guests" posts under my account. This means some posts in these older forums are not mine. In fact, they might even be your posts. 

I'm super excited to finally see these old threads back and action and read over the random chit chats we had back in the day. I hope you all get good memories reading over them.

~ Munzy