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Unban Request - Chappie AI - ChappieAI - 12-08-2019

Username: ChappieAI
Steam_Id: STEAM_0:0:110423121
Description: (Why you should be unbanned.)

I went into tf2 dodgeball and I got killed many times during the beginning of the match but I was watching the others play how they turn around quickly to airblast the rocket they did so fast sometimes I thought they were cheating. So put their method into action and did what they did, soon I was learning quickly how to reflect the rockets after many times of dying and trying to get it right, but I was banned because they accused me of hacking, but I wasn't hacking, I was just learning how to play like them, pyro already my second main so learning how to play dodge ball was easy, but I was banned because of admins salty boyfriend got mad at me for taunt killing him!


P.S. If you have any questions pls do DM or PM me I'm also open to trades if any of you are interested

RE: Unban Request - Chappie AI - Munzy - 12-08-2019

RE: Unban Request - Chappie AI - Munzy - 12-08-2019

Yo, who is the Salty BF?

We gotta hear about this part.